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Liewe Elna,

dink nie jy kan jou enigsins voorstel net HOE uit hulle velle die meisiekinders gaan wees nie! 

Jy sal jou hande saam slaan as jy hoor watter slim plannetjies hulle al beraam het net om ‘n paar dae op Mooikrans te gaan spandeer!

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Middag Elna

Wil ook net se hoe dankbaar ons is vir julle liefde en die wete dat ons, ons kinders met ‘n geruste hart in julle sorg kan laat. Ons bid julle toe die Seen van die Here op julle werk.

Christo en Ouers


Leon Susan

Liewe Tannie Elna, "Ons gaan kamp op ‘n perde kamp daar naby Amersfoort …." was my "volks lied" vanaf 2002 tot 2017. In hierdie tydperk het ek altesaam 11 kampe op Mooikrans...

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Karen Comely

It is with great pleasure that I write this response for you!

I truly believe that when we arrange a function or activity for our Reddam students that it needs to be a worthwhile experience...

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Tel: 083 732 8172
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

P.O. Box 543



Educational School Camps

Mooikrans Equus Educational and Training Institute is known for its camps which offer a high standard and quality for learners. A unique programme tailored to each group's needs and requirements is compiled to ensure maximum outcome.


Educational camps for groups and schools

  • Leader Camps offer children the opportunity to discover their leadership potential and build upon it. This includes the development of self-confidence, responsibility, communication skills, problem solving, crisis management and dealing with criticism.
  • Team building camps for already chosen leaders of schools focus on such topics as ‘what does my school expect of me’, planning methodology for projects and functions, cooperation in groups and motivation of fellow scholars.
  • Voortrekkers can obtain special insignia at Mooikrans in the Anglo Boer War, field cooking, knowledge of animals, farm life, horsemanship, astronomy and many others.
  • During Land Service camps, children can improve their knowledge of nature by studying the variety of grasses, wild plants and wild species on the approximate 4,000 hectares on which Mooikrans lies.
  • Church youth camps and Father and son or Mother and daughter weekends are also often held.


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