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Mooikrans Equus Educational and Training Institute presents many outcome-based camps to school groups, including

Leader identification

Leadership development

Adventure-filled team building

Gr.8 Reception

Veldschool camps

Land service camps

Voortrekker camps

Mooikrans Equus Educational and Training Institute is already known to many elite schools in Gauteng and Mpumalanga for presenting camps of high standard and quality to their learners on a regular basis.

A unique program is composed to fit each group’s requirements, as to ensure maximum outcome. Well-trained facilitators present innovative programs and workshops by using fresh and modern resources, and various methods and media.

Unique tariffs apply for these camps. Prompt enquiry is encouraged due to limited opening on our yearly calendar.

Leader Identification


The leadership identification program entails a camp of four or more days during which Mooikrans Equus identifies future leaders from a school’s Grade 6 or Grade 11 group. Mooikrans Equus is an institution independent from any school and therefore we proud ourselves in identifying leaders objectively and fairly.

The process during which Mooikrans Equus identifies leaders entails the following:

  1. Interaction with horses and horseriding.
  2. The leadership development course.
  3. The cognitive development course.
  4. Leadership qualities inventory psychometric analysis.

A written report is given to the school by end of camp and may be used according to the school’s discretion.


Leadership Development

Our leadership development course looks at preparing new leaders during their camp at Mooikrans Equus for their term of service at school.

Various presentations and workshops, as well as practical sessions during which theoretical knowledge is applied, constitutes to producing well-rounded leaders by end of camp. Emphasis falls on both the individual in order to develop personal qualities, and on developing a close-knit team by means of team building. This results in a team of motivated and passionate leaders.

Mooikrans Equus also presents a workshop for groups that have completed the leadership development and identified problems during their term of service. Problems are addressed and leaders are freshly motivated in order to ensure the team to operate effectively once more.


Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements. Quotation free of charge.



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