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Farm holiday camps for children


These camps are similar to the popular “Summer Camps” of the USA. Mooikrans Equus’s area of specialisation lies in presenting and facilitating holiday camps like these for children between the ages of 7 and 18 years.

These camps take on the course of a Cowboy’s lifestyle. We wake early-morning to drink coffee from tin mugs, feed the farm animals and bring in the horses from the veld, then to enjoy a farm breakfast in the “saloon” together before starting a day filled with activity.

Horses and Western horseriding form the basis for activity on Mooikrans Equus. These activities are presented amidst our various horsemanship- and other courses (see Courses), and according to the skill of the rider. Activities take place on camp terrain and in the arenas, as well as “out” in the veld. Mooikrans Equus also welcomes those without any horseriding experience and strict safety meassures are adhered to.

Activities other than those involving horses take place throughout the day as well. These include paintball with sling-shots in the blue gum plantation, driving out to the krans with tractor and trailer, catching crabs in the stream, playing “kleilat” and swimming in the stream, breadstick barbeques and many more.

Mooikrans Equus is rooted deeply in the Christian faith, and therefore activity in the evening is featured by our “Bible”-sessions. After our lively praise and worship we explore our religion by telling stories from the Bible. Some games are played inside in the evenings, but activities like border patrol, stalk the lantern, night walk and night sky exploration take place outside.

Mooikrans Equus provides every child with a safe environment to discover more of himself and the world around him. During camp a tight bond forms between child and horse, and for many Mooikrans Equus becomes a home away from home – a place to be yourself again.



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