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NEW IN SOUTH AFRICA: STUDENT TRAINING IN EQUINE ASSITED PHSYCHOLOGICAL THERAPY -  An educational offering for students interested in learning about equine-assisted mental health and equine-assisted learning.

From 1 February to 30 November MOOIKRANS EDUCATION AND TRAINING CENTRE is proud to offer a one-year course in Equine-Assisted Mental Health and Equine Assisted Learning. 

In South Africa there has been a growing interest in this speciality and there are therapists, educators, professional development coaches, and horseback riding coaches who have achieved great success utilizing the principles of Equine-Assisted mental health and Equine-Assisted learning in therapeutic riding sessions where the value of the horse in the learning process appreciated.

There is a need for scientific training in this field, both theoretically and practically, and while this fascinating therapy is a rapidly developing industry in many overseas countres there is very little reserch or data or  even literature available in South Africa on the subject.


From 1 February 2019 MOOIKRANS are offering a year-long course in Equine-Assisted Mental Health and Equine Assisted Learning.


Mooikrans' very own Elna Wahl will provide on-site supervision and instruction for the students during this course, drawing upon her many years of experience and involvement with this type of speciality. She will guide the students through the hands-on learning exercises.


In addition to this course students also complete an internationally accredited course, EQUINE BEHAVIOUR*, online, which is offered by the Australia Correspondence School

See www.mooikrans.co.za

Mooikrans offers internationally recognised and accredited courses to enable our students to seek employment overseas. The two courses offered in Equine science are mutually complementary. A sound knowledge of the habits and nature of the horse is necessary in order to effectively apply this therapy.

  1. MOOIKRANS offers an internationally accredited online course in Equine Behaviour through Australia Correspondence School. The emphasis being on the basic nature of the horse, in literature referred to as ‘natural horsemanship’.

Although equine-assisted mental health and equine-assisted learning are rapidly developing in countries all around the world, there is little opportunity to learn about this emerging industry in South Africa. By offering this course at Mooikrans in 2019, we hope to bring greater awareness to the potential of the horse-human relationship to our country. 

From 1 February 2019 Mooikrans will offer the year-long course in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. The course consists of online lectures, projects, group discussions  and practical testing of the student. Elna will conduct most of the presentations and evaluations and will moderate. 

Althought Equus therapy is a fast developing industry internationally, at present there is no suitable training in this field offered in South Africa, a situation which Mooikrans aims to remedy with the implementation of this course on 2019.

We are aware that nationally there are many riding schools and trainers that appreciate the therapeutic value of riding, which they apply to the  great benefit to their pupils and the riding community. We need these people, and many more, in South Africa were trauma and it’s far-reaching consequence is commonplace and we at MOOIKRANS strive to facilitate and empower them with access to practical training and a proven knowledge base.   






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