In the Agricultural field, there are 32 subjects that a selection can be made from and the student compiles his / her own course.

The courses are done online at AUSTRALIA CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOL. See for the different courses.


The course is conducted online at ACS Distance Education in Australia (1979) and is recognized in more than 9 other countries. Read more at &

The student can plan the one or two-year study according to their own need and specific purpose.

OPTION 1 –  Bridging year only: Choose one or two ACS modules

OPTION 2 – Agricultural Training for one year: Choose one, two or three ACS modules

OPTION 3 – Agricultural Training (two years): First year: 3 ACS modules;

Second year: 3 ACS modules

Choose one of three majors for Two Year Agricultural Training:

 AGRICULTURE with modules such as Agronomy, Plant Production, Land Management, and others.

  1. LIVESTOCK with modules such as Animal Nutrition, Animal Health, Breeding, etc. With a choice of 34 modules.
  2. AGRICULTURE with modules selected from both Agricultural and Animal Science. e.g. Farm management, Engineering study, Cattle herd management and Land management. With a choice of 34 modules

 Practicals are done on Mooikrans and on other surrounding farms.

 Written assignments are submitted online. Each student has a mentor who marks and returns assignments.

 Written ACS exam takes place in October.


Theory and Practical

Agricultural lecturers and various leading farmers in the Amersfoort area present the theory and the practical part of the course.

Students work with cattle, sheep, milk, chicken, maize, and all the other farms to gain practical experience of the highveld farming activities.

Wool class training is done at the beginning and at the end of the year at Morgenzon Agricultural Academy and the students work on various shaving floors during the year. The goal is to finally achieve “Springbokkop”!

The National courses are offered by local wool officers, veterinarians and qualified first aid experts.

Artificial Insemination (AI) course is offered by a veterinarian.


There is a great need among farmers with extensive farms to appoint a student who understands and can perform the multiple tasks of a farm. Responsible, hard-working students with expertise are requested from MOOIKRANS by these farmers.

Graduate students are already working on farms where they are an excellent advertisement for MOOIKRANS ‘quality of training. Some of our students also find work abroad and others continue their studies at universities.

A bonus of a year or two at Mooikrans is the development of each student’s personal skills. The young school leaver develops into an adult who is equipped with all the necessary knowledge, experience and emotional intelligence to function successfully in life.